KSF Labs joins Science Exchange

KSF Labs is pleased to announce that we are now a service provider with Science Exchange! If you don’t know about this new start-up, we suspect you will soon. This group of researchers and entrepreneurs are trying to solve a big problem that affects most every corner of academia — effective allocation of expensive but necessary research resources. 

Science Exchange aims to be the brokerage for a new age of research collaboration. So you’d really like some scanning electron microscopy done on your latest samples but you don’t have access to one? Or perhaps you’d like a custom electronic gizmo designed and built for your research and you don’t have access to an electronics shop? (Hey, that sounds like us!). You gotta have it but you don’t have local resources to get it done – what to do, what to do?

First, you search Science Exchange’s service provider database of institutional core facilities and other specialized labs, instrument shops, and the like. Then after you are matched up with a provider, Science Exchange handles all of the inter-institutional paperwork and makes sure everyone pays and gets paid as promptly as possible, and in exchange takes a small commission on the transaction for their troubles. Perhaps the best explanation of Science Exchange comes from this Scientific American article by one of the founders, Dr. Elizabeth Iorns. If you’d like more information about Science Exchange, their Help Center answers your questions about requesting services and evaluating estimates, as well as their purpose and history.

You can request a work estimate from KSF Labs by visiting our Science Exchange Profile Page.

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